Interview Pronomar (supplier Merus technology) with facility manager Freek Dankers of Achmea Health Centers (AHC) and club manager Peter Loots of AHC Tilburg.

In May 2012, the Merus technology was demoed at Achmea Health Centers’ Tilburg and Assen. The Merus technology is a sustainable and environment-friendly solution for problems with scaling, rust and marine growth like bacteria and barnacles. It basically consists of a ring that is installed around a water pipe. The ring then gives off tiny oscillations disturbing the troublesome substances in fresh- or seawater pipes, leaving them free of scaling and bringing the pipes and water-related equipment back to high performance levels. On the 29th of November Pronomar interviewed facility manager Freek Dankers and club manager of AHC Tilburg Peter Loots about the results of the technology.

Q: When did you get notice of the Merus technology?
A: (Dankers) I was approached by Pronomar. We made an appointment at our headquarters to discuss the possibilities. We came up with the idea to test the ring at two of our centers. Tilburg and Assen were selected because they were experiencing difficulties with the relatively hard water.

Q: If you had to describe the situation before the application of the Pronomar-Merus rings, then what were your main problems?
A: (Loots) Lime scale deposits. For example; there is a lot of leftover water on the floor at our pool area. The water dries up and lime scale deposits were left behind. The lime scale was also visible on the shower heads and water taps. It was time consuming to clean everything. Also, we experienced problems with our steam generator. Large chunks of lime scale, as big as pebbles, came out of the steam generator.

Q: What results have you noticed after the installation of the rings? And after how much time?
A: (Loots) In the beginning I was a bit skeptical; after two weeks I noticed little difference. However, after 4 to 6 weeks the results were clearly visible. Previously it took a lot of time to clean the floor by the pool area and there were a lot of chemicals involved. Nowadays we only use our floor scrubbing machine and the lime scale gets brushed loose. We also noticed that the pebbles in the steam generator have been replaced by grit: the lime is so much softer! The shower heads are significantly cleaner too.

“With the Pronomar-Merus rings you notice that the lime is much softer. It makes a world of difference!”

Q: Have the guests of Achmea Health Center Tilburg noticed a difference?
A: (Loots) The water from the showers appears to be warmer, while the thermostat is still set at the same temperature. (Dankers) We believe that this is because the elements that transfer the heat to the water experience fewer problems with lime scale.

Q: What are your main reasons for using for the Merus technology?
A: (Dankers) Achmea Health Centers is committed to a sustainable business. We expect to lower the failure rate of our equipment and eventually save on maintenance- and energy costs, with help of the Pronomar-Merus rings. (Loots) We believe this technology will save us time and money, though we cannot express this in hard numbers. E.g. the interval for the cleaning of the steam generator rose from 4 to 6 weeks. Previously we needed a bag of salt (for the fool) every 10 days, nowadays every two weeks. Moreover, the cleaning goes much faster; our cleaning ladies have time left for other chores. It makes a world of difference!

Pronomar are pleased to have received a follow-up order from Achmea Health Centers to equip another eleven Health & Spa Centers with the environmentally Merus solution.