Pronomar have once again had the pleasure to supply their by now long-standing business partner, Wagenborg Offshore, with their state-of-the-art products. Not only did Wagenborg equip their latest vessel, the VIVALDI, with the established stainless steel drying systems to dry the crew’s boots, shoes, gloves as well as jackets, trousers and all kinds of work wear.
Same as on the VIVALDI’s sister vessels, the Rossini, the Puccini, the Bellini to name just a few, the crew can from now on enjoy the full benefits of the drying systems, ie. constantly dry and perfectly maintained work wear, higher motivation, better health and a longer lifetime for their work outfits.

With the crew looked after, Wagenborg turned to their expensive technical equipment on-board and asked Pronomar to supply their other innovative product, the MERUS rings, an environment-friendly solution for green water treatment. The rings have the purpose to fight off and prevent heavy scaling, which makes sure the equipment is running smoothly and to the highest performance.

Rings were installed at the hydrofoor and the feed pipe to the kitchen. After installing, the rings give off tiny oscillations that disturb the lime scale. Afterwards the troublemakers are simply flushed away, leaving the pipes free from any scaling. It sounds easy, and it is, but that makes it so special; easy installation, no maintenance and better performance of the equipment with a longer lifetime all adds up to a highly effective outcome, now, what more can you want from a product?

Pronomar are proud to see that both their products are met with such approval by Wagenborg and to know that the VIVALDI’S crew can now go about their daily tasks without having to worry neither about how to get their work wear dry nor about the state of their equipment on-board.

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