As always we had a stand at last year’s Europort show in Rotterdam – there we had a visit from Mosselkweek Steketee-Bom, a company dealing in mussels they catch with their own fishing cutter. For this vessel we were happy to receive an order for one of our innovative, environment-friendly Pronomar – Top Trock drying panels for 5 pairs of boots/shoes or gloves.

The drying panel, completely made from high-quality stainless steel, runs on very little energy, is completely noiseless and maintenance free with a full warranty of 10 years. As the boots/shoes and gloves are perfectly dried and maintained their lifespan is increased considerably. In terms of the people working on the vessel the dryers help to increase their health and well-being, which adds to a positive work environment. On top of all that the stainless steel panel is of a very stylish design – this could be considered the icing on the cake!

We think our dryers are the perfect solution to wet work wear. We’d like to also convince you of the quality we provide so do not hesitate, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!