Pronomar is happy to see the Pronomar-MERUS solution for green water treatment firmly established in the world of fitness and health. New to join the ranks of Pronomar’s clients are the Basic Fit clubs in Waterloo and Brussels Madou, where, in April of this year, Pronomar installed the following rings:

Brussels Madou:
* one ¾” IND ring at the main water pipe &
* one 1 ¼” IND ring at the warm-water pipe to the boiler
* one 1” IND ring each at the main water pipe and the warm-water pipe to the boiler

The Pronomar-MERUS rings, once installed, work in a very efficient and environment-friendly way: after the installation the rings give off tiny oscillations disturbing the lime scale. Subsequently the troublemakers are simply flushed away leaving the respective pipes from any harmful build-up. The rings bring the pipes back to their initial diameter and performance levels, which prolongs their lifetime considerably.
Further advantages include:
– significantly less chemicals needed to fight lime scale and rust, which is good for the environment and your wallet
– much cleaner overall appearance of the fitness club
– softer water (which benefits your club members directly)
and many more…

Pronomar is happy to have Basic Fit among their customers and look forward to continuing this cooperation!