Another satisfied client to enjoy the many advantages that the highly efficient drying systems, provided by Pronomar, represent, is the water police in Willemstad part of the KLPD (the National Police). They installed dryers for their solas immersion suits. Pronomar are happy to have learnt how pleased KLPD are with the systems during a recent after sales visit.

The form-fitting stainless steel drying racks make sure the costly immersion suits are prevented from getting damaged and the big amount of air, coming from a blower which is connected to the drying racks, facilitates a fast, yet gentle drying of the suits. Apart from the fact, that the immersion suits have a longer lifetime if they are always properly dried and looked after which majorly brings down purchasing costs, the drying systems also make sure the police agents stay well and healthy. If you work in dry clothes at all times you are automatically less likely to get sick. Also the people on board the ship can now go about their daily tasks without worrying about how to get their suits dry, which, without the state-of-the-art drying systems meant a big effort manpower and time-wise.

Pronomar are happy to see the drying systems being used to full satisfaction and would be pleased to also help you in providing efficient and quality systems.