After already having equipped several Norwegian Coast Guard vessels with the state-of-the-art drying systems over the last few years Pronomar is now proud to have been entrusted once again with the supply of the highly efficient drying systems on board another 2 vessels for the Norwegian Coast Guard, built at Maritime Poland in Szczecin.

By now the drying systems are well established with the Coast Guard and also the crew on board those 2 new vessels can now rely on the many advantages Pronomar drying systems represent. The expensive jackets, trousers, survival or diving suits, SOLAS immersion suits, boots, gloves etc. are dried gently and efficiently, thus prolonging their lifetime considerably. All the systems are form-fittingly shaped and made from high-quality seawater resistant steel. Apart from the gear’s longer lifespan, which brings down purchasing costs, the drying systems also mean less sick leaves among the crew on board. If you work in dry and always properly maintained gear you are less likely to get sick. Less sick leaves also means healthier and therefore better motivated and happier people.

Last but not least, with Pronomar’s drying systems to take care of the crews comfort and health the people can now focus on their important schedule and daily tasks without having to worry about the state of their gear.

To sum up you can safely say that all of these factors add to an excellent work environment and atmosphere on board!

Pronomar is proud that once again the Norwegian Coast Guardput their trust in them and trusts that the drying systems will provide the expected reliable and efficient results on a daily basis.