Pronomar once again teamed up with Aquador, our new partner, who supplies solutions for bacteriological problems in drinking water systems and who in the recent past launched their Markstreamer System, an automatic flushing system to fight and prevent legionella in the water. This time we were happy to go to Barendrecht, for an installation at Huize Meliom, a residential care home with 24h assistance as as well as a separate day care home called Lavendel. We were happy to install the following ring:

One 1 ¼” IND at the main water feedpipe and warm water system

The Pronomar-Merus rings have the purpose to counteract and prevent scaling. The rings go to work straight after their installation by giving off tiny oscillations that disturb the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the water pipes free from any harmful build-up. Consequently the water pipes can perform to their full potential again plus their lifetime is considerably increased. As the Merus rings further do not require any maintenance this means that, apart from savings in operational costs, the staff at Huize Meliom can focus a 100% on their vital task of caring for their residents.

We consider Aquadors products and our Pronomar-Merus technology a perfect match in terms of eco-friendly water treatment and look forward to continuing this equally successful cooperation.