When out on sea it is crucial that the working crew is perfectly taken care of, as it is them who in the end keep the business going by making long hours and by working hard in all kinds of weather conditions.

Wearing warm, dry clothing contributes to a pleasant work environment and increases the staff motivation. By investing in the drying systems from Pronomar, you do not only invest in the health of your people but you will also improve the overall productivity.

Pronomar recently received an order from Astilleros de Santander S.A., a leading shipyard in Spain with over a 100 years of experience offering first class facilities for any kind of ship repairs and conversions.

Glove and boot dryers for a total of 25 pairs, completely made out of high-quality stainless steel, will be implemented in their current project of a conversion from an offshore vessel to a fishing vessel for CLEARWATER SEAFOODS (Canada). On the SIDDIS SKIPPER, sold by Siem Offshore in Q1/2014, the drying panels will accommodate all types of footwear and gloves and will dry PPE efficiently from the inside by using warm-air. This prevents the staff from wearing wet clothes and in turn limits the number of sick leaves to a minimum.