We are happy about an order from Cemre Shipyards, located in Yalova/Turkey, for a currently being built purse seiner fishing trawler, a creation of the world famous Wartsila ship design company. Cemre Shipyards ordered one of our Pronomar – Top Trock multipurpose drying panels, made from high-quality seawater resistant steel, for a total of 20 pairs of boots/shoes or gloves.

These bootdryers work with a powerful yet energy-efficient warm-air blower which blows a lot of warm air directly into the boots, shoes or gloves thus drying them perfectly from within in a short time. Apart from a longer lifespan for the boots/shoes and gloves due to proper maintenance, our dryers decrease the risk of costly downtime due to sickness which enhances productivity. The benefits to the workers include increased well-being and motivation, factors that add to an even better work environment out at the rough seas. So, in a nutshell, it’s safe to say that our dryers simply benefit everyone.

We are happy about working with Cemre Shipyards and would be pleased to see this cooperation continue in the future.

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