In April 2015 Pronomar will deliver several drying systems to CIG Shipbuilding for Acta Marine. Central Industry Group, or CIG, is a Netherlands-based company that is engaged in the construction of ships, structural design and production of complex architectural projects, and renewable energy worldwide. One of CIG’s values is to add value to their products. Hence CIG has chosen drying systems from Pronomar.

A wind farm support vessel for Acta Marine will be equipped with the following drying systems:
• Wall-mounted drying systems for 21 work overalls or jackets/trousers, splash suits, survival suits, etc.
• One wall-mounted boot dryer for 20 pairs of gloves, shoes and boots

The drying systems ordered by CIG are both made from seawater resistant steel (316) and are ideal for offshore use. The drying systems are used for the drying of staff clothing such as overalls and immersion suits. Drying your staffs work garments contributes to a safe and healthy work environment and will prolong the clothes’ lifespan. Preventing your staff from working in wet clothes decreases the amount of sick leaves and will significantly enhance staff motivation and increase productivity.