Working in extreme cold temperatures is a tough challenge, which frequently imposes uncomfortable situations for employees. Low temperatures can pose serious health implications. Hence it is vital to choose adequate personal protective equipment and an efficient drying solution to maintain safe and healthy operations at all times. For this reason, Pronomar and Cold Tex have joined hands to improve the working conditions of the employees working in the food industry. Cold Tex is a supplier of  high quality insulating and cold resistant workwear. With years of experience, Cold Tex is a renowned player in the field of clothing and accessories for activities in cold stores.

The uncomfortable feeling of wearing cold or even wet work clothes can lead to detrimental consequences for one’s health. In contrast to those working in ambient atmospheres, very low temperatures often hamper productivity and performance. For instance, employees in cold stores commonly suffer from a loss of sensitivity in their hands, causing them to struggle with daily tasks. If no attention is given to this matter, concentration is likely to reduce, increasing the risk of accidents. That is why it is paramount to provide suitable PPE and a possibility to properly dry it in between shifts, so that the workwear maintains its insulating properties and employees can start their next shift in warm, comfortable and dry clothing.

In the past few years, the collaboration between Pronomar and Cold Tex has gained the interest from various branches in the food industry such as fish- and meat processing companies, (online) distribution centers, freezer stores, etc. Companies such as Albert Heijn, B&S, Lekkerland, Mora and Spar are only a few of the gratified customers who, thanks to Pronomar and Cold Tex, can provide their team with a total solution of the right protective clothing and a professional drying procedure to combat the cold.

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