Back in October 2014 we shared the news about Pronomar’s cooperation with German based company ELA Container Offshore GmbH and developing the concept of drying containers. Following a very satisfying collaboration on the Offshore Energy in Amsterdam, both companies team up again by participating at EWEA in Copenhagen, Denmark from the 10th until the 12th March, 2015.

At booth number C3-B34 the ready-to-plug-in 20ft offshore drying container will be showcased, including the installed Pronomar drying systems. The container is fully equipped and installed with the following systems:
• drying systems for 20 work overalls, survival suits, jackets/trousers, splash suits, etc.
• drying panels for 20 work boots, shoes or gloves

The Pronomar drying equipment, made from stainless steel 304 or seawater resistant steel 316 (special configuration for offshore purposes), will make sure the work gear gets dried from the inside out, within a short amount of time. The warm-air blower guides a powerful flow of air through nozzles in the hangers into the clothing. This very efficient drying method improves the work environment for those having to work in wet & harsh offshore weather conditions, which leads to improved motivation and increased productivity!

Curious about the possibilities the Pronomar – ELA drying container can offer you? Please visit us at EWEA and take a look inside! We look forward meeting you!