Pronomar is happy about an order from Sefine, a shipyard located in Yalova/Turkey. Sefine ordered one of Pronomar’s established, highly efficient drying cabinets for a total of eight jackets and eight pairs of boots/shoes or gloves. The drying cabinets have been installed on board a Norwegian live fish carrier vessel (NB no. 23) for Frøy Rederi AS.

The drying cabinet features stainless steel drying systems consisting of form-fitting hangers with nozzles at neuralgic places through which a lot of warm air is blown directly into the jackets, trousers, boots and gloves. The air is coming from a powerful, yet energy-efficient, warm-air blower. With the cabinet doors closed, the drying process is achieved even faster than usual.

Apart from perfect maintenance of the work wear on a daily basis (which prolongs its lifetime considerably thus saving purchasing costs) the drying systems also help to bring down sick leaves which not only increases productivity but also helps to improve the well-being and motivation among the crew on board. All these afore-mentioned factors play an important role in creating an even better work environment out at sea.

Pronomar looks forward to continuing the cooperation with Sefine in the future.