After a successful first project carried out in 2011, Pronomar were extra pleased about a new order from Tersan. This time Tersan asked us to supply our established and highly efficient boot drying systems for the fishing vessel NB1016 Havstrand, under Norwegian ownership. The vessel, which is currently being built at Tersans Yalova shipbuilding site and due to be delivered at the end of April of this year, will be suitable for single and also twin trawl operation.

The vessel not only boasts an electric propulsion system, freeze cargo holds and an advanced fish process plant, but also includes the well established and highly efficient Pronomar-Top Trock boot drying systems, entirely made from stainless steel and offering space to dry up to 10 pairs of boots (or also gloves) at a time. With our efficient and state-of-the-art dryer, the crew onboard can now go about their strenuous daily work in perfectly dry and properly maintained footwear. Apart from the well-being of the people on board, which adds to a healthy and positive work environment, the drying systems also considerably increase the boots’ life time which in the long run also brings down purchasing costs.

Pronomar are happy to work with Tersan Shipyards again and trust the whole project will be carried out as smoothly as the first one 2 years ago.