The global pie of 2017 confirmed the trend of the expedition market, as this sector represented 1% of the total market size, according to Cruise Industry News. Their annual report has officially confirmed this growth, which explains why numerous cruise ships are exploiting this market niche.

Especially those destinations which at first seemed impossible to reach for tourists, are nowadays extremely popular and appealing for people to visit. However, not only the adventurous voyage is the reason why passengers choose to opt for a cruise expedition holiday, all the new luxurious amenities on board play a major role as well.

Being onboard of an expedition ship is an adventure, yet comfort and safety are extremely important in these harsh weather conditions. Pronomar’s drying systems help to create a safe and pleasant atmosphere, by drying the protective clothes in between shifts and expeditions. The drying systems can be used for the workwear of deck personnel, fire suits, theatrical costumes, as well as for passengers for their parka suits, immersion suits, boots and all other protective clothing.