The fishing industry is constantly evolving and technical developments within these vessels never stand still. This is partly due to the sustainability of ships and the changed circumstances at sea. This includes requirements regarding safety and air emissions, and the shrinkage of available fishing grounds. Due to these developments, many companies will have to make a choice to convert their current ships or invest in a new ship.

When converting or building new ships, various laws and regulations must be complied with. The well-being of the crew is certainly not forgotten in this. Because the crew is in frequent contact with cold fish and (sea) water, regardless of the weather conditions, the crew often walks around in wet or soaked clothing. For these reasons, Pronomar’s drying systems can make a significant contribution to a comfortable working environment. The work clothes can be dried during or in between shifts, so that crew members can continue their work dry and pleasantly.

The robust drying systems, which can be supplied in seawater-resistant stainless steel 316, dry the fishery clothes from the inside out with a large amount of warm air. Pronomar has various drying hangers available, for all types and sizes. In addition, they are known for their flexible and modular solutions, so it can be fitted even in a small niche on board.

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