Innovation and development are high on the agenda of defense. Not only in the technological field, but also in the field of work equipment and facilities. In order to guarantee health and safety in the workplace, well-maintained equipment should not be forgotten. Professional drying in a sustainable way ensures not only a longer life cycle of work equipment, but also qualitative maintenance.

Pronomar supplies its systems on land, at sea and in the air to various armed forces. Several military bases, training centres, frigates and coastguard vessels are equipped with a Pronomar drying system. The drying systems ensure that all kinds of garments are dried from the inside to the ends with the help of warm air. This allows employees to start their shift with dry equipment. In addition, drying with warm air is gentle on the materials and therefore also ensures that the life of these garments is extended.

Within defense, various types of clothing and equipment are worn. Pronomar offers a solution for each type of equipment. In addition to combat jackets and trousers, you can also think of boots, helmets, masks, FRISC suits, diving suits or bulletproof vests.

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