The Dutch RTL television program: ‘’Doe Maar Duurzaam’’ is a program about different subjects in the sustainability industry. Every episode has its own theme. The goal of this program is to make people more aware of sustainability and its daily opportunities. Most of them you can apply in your personal life.

This time the honour went to Chevalier Floatels. In the episode of 13th September 2015, Chevalier Floatels showed us the importance of feeling comfortable in floating accommodations. One of the quotes from the clip that shows this importance: ‘’We believe that when you provide accommodations to your workers, the importance lies in feeling comfortable in a facility where they do not only work, but also live on a 24/7 basis. When people feel comfortable in that place, their productivity will rise significantly.’’

Heavy weather circumstances can make the work conditions hard for employees. Wet clothes can result in expensive interruptions because of illness, decreased motivation or a low number of productivity.

The vessel from Chevalier Floatels is equipped with the drying systems of Pronomar! In the changing room of the vessel you can find a coverall dryer and boot dryers. The drying systems provide the opportunity to dry work gear fast and efficient. Using drying systems will not only prolong the lifecycle of your work gear but also decrease the amount of illness, increase motivation, increase productivity and contribute to better hygiene conditions.

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