Pronomar is happy about a new order from Ocean Rig, an international offshore drilling contractor. The order was placed by Ocean Rig in Athens/Greece where it was decided to provide their crew on board the deepwater drill ship Mylos with one of the established and highly efficient drying panel for their work boots and shoes.

The boot dryer, completely made from solid stainless steel works totally noiseless and is completely maintenance free. The dryer dries the boots electrically, efficiently and fast on rounded hangers from the inside out using the principle of insulation. However, not only the boots/shoes benefit from being dried properly on a daily basis with a longer lifetime, also the crew do. Properly dried footwear increases your well-being and motivation. From a health point of view the drying systems stand for a decrease in sick leaves, as you are more likely to get sick when working in wet or damp boots. With the Pronomar boot dryers this is a thing of the past.

We trust the boot dryers will provide efficiency and stability on a daily basis, no matter how rocky it might get out at sea.