Pronomar is happy about several follow-up orders from Jurong Shipyards. Earlier this year Pronomar received the order to supply the established, environment-friendly and highly efficient drying panels – for a total of 90 pairs of boots/shoes on board the SAFE BOREAS. Same as Prosafe’s sister vessel Safe Boreas, the SAFE ZEPHYRUS (an accommodation vessel, similar in design to the Safe Boreas) will also feature drying panels for a total of 90 pairs of boots/shoes. The boot drying panels, completely made from solid, long-lasting stainless steel work totally noiseless and are completely maintenance free. The panels dry the boots electrically, efficiently and fast on rounded hangers from the inside out using the principle of insulation.

In addition to the drying panels, Pronomar got a new order for both vessels to supply each vessel with a multifunctional drying system for the drying of 6 work clothes. The drying systems are completely made from solid stainless steel and therefore built to last. The drying systems dry from the inside out by means of a big amount of warm air coming from a powerful (yet energy efficient) blower.

Both drying systems will make sure the life-span of the costly workwear is prolonged, resulting in lower purchasing and operational costs. But not only the clothes will benefit from Pronomar’s professional drying equipment, also the crew on-board will experience advantages. It is better for their health to work in dry workwear instead of damp or even wet clothes, which in turn increases their motivation. The comfort level for
the crew gets more important and Pronomar can contribute to an excellent work environment.