After several successful cooperations, we were happy to have once again been approached by GloMar Ship Management, located in Den Helder, and operating a worldwide fleet of offshore support vessels.

This time their order was for drying systems to be installed on-board their Glomar Baltic, which is currently being re-built.

The re-building is carried out at Globaltic Marine in Gdynia/Poland. Globaltic Marine’s wharf brings together all the right people and experience to carry out all kinds of operations and repairs. With a global network of multilingual staff and expertise Globaltic Marine can guarantee top quality and service worldwide from project start to finish.

We are happy to also see our efficient Pronomar-Top Trock drying systems for the crews FRC suits, jackets, trousers, boots, gloves, oil skin etc fitted on-board. The dryers, all made from high-quality seawater resistant steel, are designed in a formfitting, rounded way which ensures the costly work wear does not suffer any damage. Further the drying is done efficiently and fast due to a big amount of warm air, coming from a powerful blower that guides the air directly into the garments to be dried. By keeping the costly work wear dry at all times, the materials lifetime is extended considerably which means significant savings in purchasing costs. The drying systems also help to increase the health and motivation of the people on-board. It goes without saying that if you can work in dry gear you are less likely to get sick. By preventing sick leaves you also prevent costly down times and also increase the crews motivation and well-being.