Another company to put their trust in Pronomar to solve their problems with wet gloves is Belgium’s Norbert Dentressangle Logistics in Asse who purchased a glove dryer for their staff working in their cooling area. They now join the ranks of many happy clients, among them also well-known international supermarket chains, who have installed drying systems for their staff working in freezer and cooling rooms.

Pronomar’s state-of-the-art drying systems make sure that the expensive freezer gloves are maintained and dried properly at all times; it’s not only gloves though that need drying, also freezer jackets, trousers, boots, shoes as well as freezer hats are dried efficiently from the inside. By doing so you automatically prolong the gear’s lifetime considerably which effectively means a decrease in purchasing costs.

Apart from the economic side the drying systems also signify less sick leaves among the staff since you are not as likely to get sick if you can work in dry work wear all the time. Healthier staff also means more motivation and thus highest-possible efficiency. All these factors help create an even better work environment.

Pronomar is happy to have supported Norbert Dentressangle in providing excellent conditions for their staff and trusts their glove dryers will add to the well-being of the employees on a daily basis.