Pronomar are very pleased to have received another nice order from the KLPD, after several orders in the past from various departments within the KLPD (National Police Force), it is now the Dutch Police Academy, based in Leusden, who decided to provide their staff and trainees with the state-of-the-art Pronomar-Top Trock drying systems.

Systems to dry 7 sets of police uniforms (jackets, trousers etc.) as well as boots will be installed, providing properly maintained and perfectly dry gear at all times. The stainless steel systems prolong the costly outfit’s lifetime considerably which leads to a crucial decrease of purchasing costs and that, especially in economically troubled times is of major advantage. Apart from the economic side, the efficient drying systems also play a vital role for the health and well-being of the police agents as it goes without saying that you are less likely to get sick if you can work in constantly dry clothes and boots, rather than having to wear damp and wet gear.

So now the police agents can go about their certainly trying and exhausting training without worrying about how to get their outfits dry in time for the next training session (which, without the drying systems would mean big effort time-wise).

Pronomar are happy to see that the drying systems are met with such an approval by KLPD and trusts that also the police academy will value their dry gear !