The latest customer to approach Pronomar for their well established drying systems is the company Cornelis Vrolijk’s Visserij Maatschappij, a daughter company of Cornelis Vrolijk Holding. Based in Ijmuiden, they run a fleet of several fishing vessels, all equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to ensure the quality of the fish on board, from the moment of catching to the conservation (freezing) until they arrive at Cornelis Vrolijks cold store facilities in theport of Ijmuiden.

One of their vessels is the SCH81 “Carolien”, a subsea fishing vessel with a total crew of 47. Currently the Carolien is docked in Amsterdam for a modification to the latest technology in terms of refrigeration techniques on board. Pronomar are happy to see that a decision has been made to not only upgrade their refrigeration technology on-board but also to improve their crew’s well-being and comfort. Highly efficient drying systems, all made from seawater resistant steel will be installed to dry the crew’s boot, gloves as well as oil skin, jackets, trousers, head gear etc.

With the Top Trock drying systems making sure that the expensive work wear is properly dried from the inside at all times the gears lifetime is prolonged considerably which in turn means a saving in purchasing costs. Apart from the economic side it is also a motivational factor for the crew if they always work in dry and well maintained gear, which in turn leads also to fewer sick leaves and a very positive work environment.

Last but not least, with Pronomar’s drying systems to take care of the crews comfort and health the people can now focus on their important schedule and daily tasks without having to worry about the state of their work wear.