Pronomar will once again deliver one of its drying systems to Cytec Industrial Materials. The UK-based organization develops, manufactures and sells innovative solutions to different industries. The markets in which Cytec operates include, amongst others, the mine- and plastic industry. The order Cytec placed at Pronomar consists two drying cabinets, both for the drying of eight work overalls. In addition, the drying cabinet is equipped with hangers for gloves. The drying system built into the cabinet is made from stainless steel 304 and sees to a perfect drying of the work clothes from inside out.

The drying systems of Pronomar contribute to an improved working environment for your staff. The drying cabinets provided by Pronomar are used to quickly and effectively dry work gear such as survival suits, overalls, jackets etc. Drying the work clothing prevents that your staff works in cold, wet clothes. When wearing dry, warm clothes staff motivation will most likely increase and absenteeism will be reduced.
Pronomar’s drying cabinets are an investment for your equipment. Besides the fact that Pronomar’s drying cabinets contribute to an increase in staff motivation and a decrease is absenteeism, the drying systems also expand the work gear’s lifespan. Because the clothes dry quickly from the inside out, bacteria and fungi are less likely to affect and ruin the fabrics.