Optical and practical advantages are just two reasons why customers prefer a closed drying system over the standard wall- or floor mounted configurations. The drying principle is the same: clothes are dried from the inside out, either because the body-shaped hangers are connected to a warm-air blower (providing 200 m³ air per hour), or because the hangers are electrically heated. The drying cabinets are designed for the quick and effortless drying of wet (weather) clothing or protective gear such as jackets, trousers, boots, harnesses etc., making them particularly useful in industrial applications. Moreover, they keep the change room tidy and organised.

The closed locker or cabinet ensures anoptimal air circulation and fast drying result, for the outside of the clothes too. The operation is simple by a 6h timer clock. However, when installing a complete drying room with multiple lockers, it may also be advised to have a timer unit for installation in the switch board. There are many different versions of such timer units with various possibilities for settings, for example from a simple mechanical 24h timer unit for switch on/off daily at the same time up to a freely programmable timer unit for each day of the week or even year. This means getting your delicate garments from ‘wet’ to ‘ready to wear’ is a swift and stress-free task.

Drying cabinets are made of fully galvanized sheet steel, powder coated. Different RAL-colours are available upon request. Alternatively, the cabinets are available in stainless steel 304 or even in seawater resistant steel 316.

When it comes to drying lockers (singular use) or drying cabinets (for up to 8 people’s workwear), Pronomar has a wide range of options available. The customer can choose from a standard single-walled locker door (1 mm) up to a robust HPL door (12-13 mm). Also there is a range of locks available, from a padlock, permutation lock with central key function, up to an electronic locking system that enables you to translate your security policy into physical access control. Some companies, for example in the food industry, prefer to have a slanted roof for hygienic reasons. Lockers are optionally available with levelling feet, the company logo in the doors (acting as ventilation grids), a shelf for storing personal things and many more possibilities.

If you are environmentally conscious, the drying systems are ideal for your company, as they use significantly less electricity compared to a conventional drying room. Drying time starts from 30 min, depending on the material and the degree of humidity.

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