After the initial installation of drying systems on board the first 2 seismic research vessels, of Ulstein design, built at Dry docks World Dubai, Pronomar is now happy to announce that the Offshore ship owner Polarcus (Western Geco) decided that also their 4 remaining vessels were to be equipped with the highly efficient multipurpose drying systems for their crew’s survival suits, overalls, splash suits, jackets, trousers etc.

The systems are all made from seawater-resistant steel and built for a long-term use; apart from the fact that the work wear has a longer lifetime if always properly maintained also the crew enjoy the benefits coming from the drying systems. They are now able to work in dry work wear at all times which adds to their motivation, improves their health and in turn creates an excellent work environment.

Pronomar is proud to have played a part in the supply of equipment installed on board the fleet of the most modern and sophisticated seismic vessels in the world and trusts that the drying systems will provide reliable and efficient results on a daily basis.