Pronomar are proud to have received a new order from Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V., a leading global services provider operating in the dredging and earthmoving, maritime infrastructure and maritime services sectors, headquartered in Papendrecht, Holland, and running a fleet of over a 1000 ships employing 14.000 people worldwide.

After recently ordering the eco-friendly, innovative Pronomar-Merus rings for green water treatment, Royal Boskalis decided to also make sure their crew on-board are able to work under perfect conditions on board their Backhoe dredger “Manu-Pekka”. From past experience they knew where to turn to and therefore approached us for our established stainless steel drying systems, to dry their crew’s work overalls, jackets, trousers…

The drying systems, manufactured by our long-term business partner Top Trock in Graz/Austria, are all made from high-quality stainless steel, thus long-lasting and indestructible, ideal for the rough conditions out at sea.

Drying is done efficiently from the inside and outside by a big amount of air (coming from a powerful blower) being blown directly into the garments. Apart from prolonging the lifetime of the costly garments by 2-3 times (which makes for quite some savings in purchasing costs).

We are happy about yet another cooperation with Boskalis and hope to be considered again in the future.