Already Pronomar’s Top Trock drying systems are cruising the Caspian Sea on board the accommodation vessels Puccini, Verdi and Kurmazagy. Now Pronomar are happy that Wagenborg Offshore have yet again put their trust in them to equip also the living quarter barges Bellini and Wagner with their highly-efficient drying systems, built at Holland Shipyard.

As great and well-known as the ships names, all named after famous composers, as well known and established are the drying systems that the staff on board can now enjoy. Same as on the 3 previously equipped, highly efficient boot dryers and clothes dryers, all made from stainless steel, will be installed. Detailed layout planning were of course again part of the excellent service that Pronomar provides, which guarantees a perfect realization from start to finish

Saipem has activities to be carried out between 2010 and 2012 in the main offshore areas where Saipem is present, in particular in the Caspian Sea, both in the Kazakhand Azeri sectors.

Apart from the fact that the boots, shoes and work wear automatically have a longer lifetime (which means savings in purchasing costs), it also goes without saying that comfort plays a vital role as well as it makes a big difference if you work in wet or damp boots or if you have constantly dry and properly looked after work wear. This means happier and healthier workers and that in turn leads to a significant decrease in sick leaves.

To conclude it is safe to say that in the same way that the composers the ships are named after stand for true class, Pronomar stands for true quality that can be witnessed and enjoyed on a daily basis.

Pronomar are proud to have yet again be invited by Wagenborg Offshore to play a vital part for their workers in the equipping of their fleet.