In 2016, the Norwegian shipping company Østensjø Rederi commissioned shipyard Astilleros Gondán to build two Service Operation Vessels (SOV), named the Edda Passat and the Edda Mistral. These vessels are equipped with 60 accommodations. Most of these accommodations are reserved for the wind turbine technicians. From these ships, the technicians of Dong Energy will perform their tasks at various offshore windfarms at the North sea. Thanks to the so-called walk to work gangway, Østensjø Rederi can guarantee their technicians safety and comfort during their activities.

Improving Comfort

Pronomar has contributed to the improvement of comfort on board, by supplying suit dryers, as well as boot- and glove dryers. These drying systems provide not only dry workwear at any time for the crew which will last longer, dry workwear also causes a reduction on absenteeism, because of the improvement of the working conditions.

In the meantime, the first systems have been supplied for the first vessel and at the beginning of 2018 Pronomar has completed the second delivery.

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