Commercial fishing provides a large quantity of food to many countries around the world, but those who practice it as an industry most often pursue fish far into the ocean, under adverse circumstances. One can only imagine what it’s like to work onboard these vessels, in all sorts of marine conditions and weather conditions. Having to put on your still wet workwear the next day, can influence your health and mindset. That is exactly why Pronomar offers drying systems; to ensure these problems belong to the past and to provide these brave men with comfortable attire.

Recently, Nodosa Shipyard decided to opt for this effective solution for the new Flyshooter/Twinrigger LH-356 “Henk Senior”, built for the fishing company “Osprey Group Fish”, belonging to the Dutch family of ship owners and fishermen “De Boer”. She has accommodation for a crew of ten, which has been outfitted with great care, always looking for the greatest comfort for the crew. After having installed drying systems onboard, Pronomar trusts the crew will no longer suffer from wet workwear and the associated problems, such as less hygiene, less motivation and a higher sick leave rate.

Not only Nodosa Shipyard chose Pronomar’s efficient drying systems, also the new whitefish trawler “Keila K 121”, destined for Tommy Tulloch and built by the Danish shipyard Vestværftet, reached out to Pronomar to install drying equipment onboard. This new trawler will actively be catching fish for the Scottish Orkney Islands, in which the citizens can gladly take notice of this new trawler, as it will be the first one since 20 years.

Furthermore, Pronomar received an order for a 27.8m pair trawler/seiner for Audacious Partnership. This vessel is destined for David Gatt and Barry Reid and is built by the MacDuff Shipyards Ltd.
Pronomar is serving many clients in the fishing industries, as having dry clothing (think of fishing bibs) during wet and cold weather conditions at sea is, more and more, considered as indispensable.

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