After already cooperating on various occasions in the past, Pronomar were happy to have received a new order from Holland Shipyards, a shipbuilding company that combines all-round craftsmanship with a strong accent on customer service. The customer-orientation is also reflected in their main corporate goal to deliver the vessels with the highest quality and a level of reliability within the shortest possible lead time. In October 2012 one of their projects was the conversion of the DP Gezina and DP Galyna, which Holland Shipyards was commissioned by Chevalier Floatels to convert into a DP2 support vessel for staff accommodation and transport vessel to offshore wind farm installations. The key words are wellbeing and comfort of the staff, reducing operating costs and of course reliability.

This is also where Pronomar came into play with our established and (also by Holland Shipyards) well-known, efficient drying systems for boots, gloves and all sorts of work wear. In total we were ordered to supply drying systems for up to 30 work overalls, survival suits, jackets, trousers as well as boots. The drying systems will be delivered in a HD version for on-board applications with extra welding done to provide even more stability at sea.

The drying systems dry from the inside out (at all neuralgic zones, such as arm pits, shoulders and back) by means of a big amount of warm air coming from a powerful (yet low in energy consumption) blower. The drying systems also prolong the lifetime of the costly work outfits and consequentially less purchasing costs, which is also in accordance with the key requirements for the DP Gezina. From a health point of view the drying systems decrease the risk of sickness among the staff (as it goes without saying that when you can work in dry and properly maintained outfits you are less likely to get sick) which in turn increases motivation and productivity. Last but not least with the drying systems keeping the work wear dry and maintained at all times the crew can go after their strenuous work without having to worry about that either.

Sunday the 13th of September, 2015, Chevalier Floatels was featured in the Dutch television program: ‘’Doe maar Duurzaam’’/ Be Renewable on RTL 7.

In this episode of ‘’Doe maar Duurzaam’’ Chevalier Floatels gives you an insight into the accommodation for offshore workers. The accommodation should not only be safe, but also comfortable.
Pronomar’s drying systems for professional work wear contributes to this.