Hertel, a global industrial services company with European roots, headquartered in Rotterdam/NL, recently signed a contract to engineer, design and construct the accommodation on a Statoil platform, to be located in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. To complete the platform not only in the highest technical terms possible but to also accommodate the crew on the platform in the best possible way, Hertel asked Pronomar to deliver our innovative and environment-friendly Top Trock drying systems, to be installed in on-site cabinets.

In total we were happy to deliver multipurpose drying systems, completely made from high-quality seawater resistant steel, for work overalls, splash suits, jackets, trousers, boots and gloves. Our dryers work very environment-friendly as they run on very little energy but still drying perfectly from the inside out in a fast and efficient way. With the dryers installed inside cabinets the drying time can be further reduced. With the drying systems keeping the costly outfits dry and properly maintained their lifetime is increased considerably which in turn means less purchasing costs. But also the people working on the platform benefit highly from our dryers as their well-being and health will be increased significantly; it is a known fact that you are less likely to fall sick if you are able to work in dry work wear rather than in damp or wet work outfits. All in all you can say our drying systems help to increase motivation and productivity, a factor not to be neglected.

Pronomar are proud to have been appointed for such a prestigious project and trust that our dryers will pay off in the not too distant future.

If there is anything that we can also do for you, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!