Depending on the required drying time, on-site conditions, the material of the garments to be dried and their degree of humidity, there are different types of drying systems available for numerous industries. Please see some examples below:

  • Companies with employees that use their bicycle to commute for work, who intensively struggle with sweaty or rained-out workwear upon arrival. These employees can easily use the drying system, so that they can leave work with a dry set of cycling workwear.
  • Police/military forces, who often have to wear heavy uniforms, footwear and other protective gear. Due to weather circumstances and very physical work activities, policemen and soldiers are confronted with either wet or very sweaty work gear from previous times. For this reason, Pronomar’s drying systems for police and military clothing have proven to be extremely effective.
  • Cemeteries who want to provide their employees that work outside with dry workwear during wet or humid weather.
  • Testing laboratories, where workwear can be dried after it was washed and disinfected.
  • Etc.

We can therefore conclude that Pronomar has diversified its products across a wide range of different industries.

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