Design Your Own Drying Solution

Everything starts with an idea. Are you thinking of ways to invest in your or your company’s health and hygiene?
How to get from an idea to reality in 4 steps.

The flexible and modular drying systems, completely made from stainless steel, fit in all rooms, from small niches to complete large-scale drying rooms. For your personalized drying rooms Pronomar provides an AutoCAD engineering service.

Clothes drying systems

The clothes dryers are equipped with an easy-to-operate, one-hand coupling, ensuring that you can easily take off a hanger to redesign the system by attaching a different type. Your choice of drying hangers can be coupled to the air tube, providing an even air stream to each drying space. At the coupling section, our hangers are reversible over two axes. Advantage for maritime applications is that there is hardly any leverage on the connection point to the air tube. Curious for some examples? See our drying room solutions page.

The systems can be adjusted to your particular needs, which allows you to design your own drying system. Please have a look below to see some example drying hangers.

professional drying hanger for heavy work clothing

drying system for heavy workwear

drying hanger for light workwear

drying hanger for boots and gloves

Drying systems for boots, gloves, helmets, etc.

Pronomar supplies ingenious drying systems for the drying of all types of PPE. On the uniquely designed, rounded hangers you can dry not only workwear, boots and gloves, but also helmets, masks, life vests and other types of equipment.

warm-air circulating boot dryer
electrically heated boot dryer
warm water drying system for boots

Drying cabinets and lockers

Optical and practical advantages are just two reasons why customers prefer a closed drying system over the standard wall- or floor-mounted configurations. They keep the change room tidy, hygienic and organised.

The drying principle is the same: clothes are dried from the inside out, either because the body-shaped hangers are connected to a warm-air blower (providing 200 m³ air per hour), or because the hangers are electrically heated.

For information and examples of drying cabinets, click here.
For information and examples of drying lockers, click here.

Benches, storage racks, boot cleaners etc.

Pronomar can provide a total drying room solution, including accessories such as (stainless steel) benches, heavy-duty storage racks, boot cleaning systems, etc. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.