Energy Efficiency

Pronomar supplies systems that will dry PPE the easy way. Unlike traditional drying rooms, warm air is released directly to the inside of the garment to the exact position where drying is required removing the need to heat and ventilate the whole room 24 hours a day. Pronomar’s drying systems can reduce CO2 emissions and help meet carbon reduction targets. Moreover, the extended longevity of our system matches perfectly with regulations to avoid technical waste as much as possible.

How efficient are the systems in terms of energy?

One warm-air blower is able to dry up to 8 sets of work clothes. With a volume over 200.000 ltr. air per hour, your clothes will be dry in approx. 2-3 hours. The system is only switched on for a short period, rather than running over-night. Only the drying air is heated up to a moderate temperature of approx. 39 ºC, avoiding the need to generate a large amount of heat in the room. In conventional systems it is the need for heat generation that consumes a large amount of energy.

To minimize the costs of the drying process, and to limit unnecessary energy-consumption, the systems can be equipped with several automatic timers. By calculating the drying costs we recommend to assume an average of € 0,206/kW (the average price paid for 1 kW in Europe). One blower consumes on average ± 1 kW/hour. By drying your clothes 5 times a week, the total costs will be:

drying time of 3 hours × 5 sessions = 15 hrs per week

15 hours x 1 kW/h x € 0.206/kW x 52 weeks =

€ 160,68 per year