Hotel Princeville, ideally located between Antwerp and Rotterdam in Breda, part of the Van der Valk Group of Hotels, one of the largest hospitality chain in The Netherlands, offers beautiful rooms for business travellers and families alike. As Hotel Princeville is the proud holder of the Golden Green Key it was of utmost priority for its management to look for a chemical-free solution for their water treatment. In our Pronomar-Merus rings they found just that which is why Hotel Princeville approached us to supply our innovative and highly efficient Pronomar-Merus technology.

The following rings were installed:

– one 2 ½” HCI BIO ring at the hydrofoor / main water pipe and
– one 2″ HCI BIO ring at the warmwater system

The Merus rings are a totally environment-friendly solution for the green water treatment. After installing the rings they give off tiny oscillations which disturb the lime scale. Afterwards this troubling limescale is simply flushed away leaving the pipes free from scaling and the water softer on your skin. The rings also bring back the initial performance and increase the equipment lifetime considerably. As an added bonus the rings don’t require any maintenance whatsoever which means savings in time and operational costs.

For Pronomar it is especially nice to have installed our Merus rings as they are totally eco-friendly which fits perfectly with the Hotel Princeville having been awarded the Golden Green Key about a month ago. The Green Key organization, which awards this key, aims to contribute to the prevention of climate change and to support sustainable tourism by awarding and promoting good initiatives. The Golden Key is an eco-friendly lable for hospitality facilities to strive to achieve just that. Hotel Princeville now ranks among the eco-friendly and green hotels and as already stated, Pronomar fits right into this concept with their Merus rings for environment-friendly green water treatment.