Pronomar are happy to have received a very nice order from Polarcus, a geophysical company, headquartered in Dubai, with a pioneering agenda, specialized in high-end data acquisition from one pole to the other. Since their launch in 2008 Polarcus managed to by now run a fleet of 8 ultra-modern high-end 3D seismic vessels. Polarcus goal is to operate an environmentally responsible company and to be thus a role model for others in their industry. They always strive to reduce emissions and to thus reducing their environmental footprint, if you like to find out more just have a look at the following film:

How do the Pronomar-TopTrock drying systems fit into this green way of thinking? Well, they do in the way that the drying systems are built from solid stainless steel, designed for long-term use, and running on very little energy consumption. Polarcus ordered drying systems for their staff on-board and from now on they can rely on dry and properly maintained boots, gloves. The drying systems help to prolong the boots and gloves lifetime which not only means a significant decrease in purchasing costs but, this economic aspect aside, the drying systems also help to increase the health and motivation of the people on-board. It’s a fact that you are less likely to get sick if you are able to work in properly dry gear rather than having to wear wet boots/gloves all day long.

Pronomar are happy to have been approached by Polarcus, especially as Pronomar’s view on green shipping and its importance match Polarcus.