Pronomar is looking forward to the first edition of the Skipper Expo in Limerick. With their innovative drying systems, Pronomar is witnessing an increasing interest in drying solutions for oil skins, jackets, bibs, boots, gloves and other gear.

The drying systems, established from stainless steel 304 or 316, ensure a fast and internal drying of clothing by using a powerful warm-air blower. A large amount of air flows through the continuous stainless steel framework and is distributed directly into the clothing, reaching all areas from the arm pits to the tips of the boots and reducing unpleasant odors caused by bacteria growing in moist environments. Extending the lifespan of the clothes is also a reason why more companies in the fishing industry choose to invest in the dryers.

After recurring comments about the scarcity of space on board smaller ships, the company has developed a new product: the DUAL dryer. This compact system dries from the inside out by means of electrically heated hangers and a freely adjustable airflow. The DUAL dryer fits two or four pairs of boots, gloves, jackets or headwear and is suitable for fitting in the smallest niches onboard.

Pronomar is welcoming you to stand #121 to find out more about their products and possibilities.