Pronomar are pleased to say that they have installed several Merus rings on board of the MS AmaCerto, a 164-passenger vessel operated by AmaWaterways. AmaWaterways operates the finest fleet and provides all-inclusive cruises through Europe, Russia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Their ships are custom-designed and the line “enjoys a reputation as the leader in river cruising”, as mentioned on their website. They combined their experience and passion for the river cruise business and succeeded quite well, with nowadays more than 20 different tours to choose from!

The highly successful, environment-friendly and efficient Merus technology (for all problems with scaling, rust, Marine growth like bacteria, barnacles and more) basically consists of a ring that is installed around water pipes, at evaporators, tanks, heat exchangers, RO systems, etc. It then gives off tiny oscillations disturbing the troublesome substances in your fresh- or seawater. Afterwards, the substances are flushed away leaving water pipes free of scaling and bringing them back to high performance levels. In consequence it prolongs the lifetime of the water-related equipment on board, which in return means a significant decrease in costs.

The following Merus rings have been installed:
– 1x 2” HCI BIO Pronomar – Merus ring (for the hydrofor)
– 1x 1 ½” HCI BIO Pronomar – Merus ring (for warm water)
– 1x 2” IND Pronomar – Merus ring (for the return pipe of the Jacuzzi)
– 1x 1” IND Pronomar – Merus ring (for the feeder in the kitchen)

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