Dredging International, part of the DEME (Dredging, Environmental and Marine Engineering) Group, rooted in the port of Antwerp, on the river Scheldt, is one of the primary contractors in the world, offering a perfect mix of experience and in-depth knowledge in dredging and land reclamation.

For their trailing suction hopper dredger “ARTEVELDE”, a sister vessel to the highly successful Reynaert, Dredging International have recently approached Pronomar for their innovative and by now well-known environment-friendly solution for Greenwater treatment: the MERUS technology, consisting of a ring that is installed around the equipment in question and then giving off tiny oscillations disturbing the lime scale, bacteria, algae etc. in your fresh or seawater. Afterwards, the substances are flushed away leaving water pipes free of scaling and bringing them back to high performance levels. In consequence also the pipes, boilers, tanks etc. have a longer lifespan.

Apart from the longer lifespan and the initial capacity of the equipment in question a big advantage of the Merus technology is that there is less service or maintenance required saving a lot of time and manpower as well as actual savings in operation costs.

In the case of the “ARTEVELDE”, the following rings will be installed:
– 1 Merus 1 ½” HCI (High Industrial Capacity) BIO ring 1 ½” at the Hydrofoor
– 1 Merus ¾” IND ( industrial) ring ¾” at the water feed pipe separator

Pronomar are happy to have been considered by Dredging International / Tideway BV and are convinced that they will now also benefit from the advantages.