Trans River Line is a Dutch operator specialised in offering cruises on major rivers and waterways of Europe, such as Rhine or Danube. Among their fleet is the MV Virginia, in fact their first cruise ship. Pronomar is very pleased to have been asked to equip the Virgina with the efficient, innovative and most of all environment-friendly MERUS rings for green water treatment.

Pronomar installed the following rings on board the Virginia:
– 1 x 1 ½” IND BIO ring at the hydrophore
– 1 x 1” IND ring at the boiler in the kitchen
– 1 x 1” IND ring at the return boiler and last, but not least
– 1 x ¾” IND ring at the waterline to the laundry

The rings, once installed, give off micro fine oscillations disturbing the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the equipment free from any scaling and preventing new build-up. The rings bring back the equipments initial diameter and performance levels, thus the equipments lifetime is prolonged considerably, which, together with the fact that the rings are maintenance-free, mean a significant decrease in operational costs. But also the guests on-board benefit from the rings as the water will feel a lot softer on their skin.