Avalon’s outstanding, award-winning fleet is the youngest on the European waterways – significantly younger than the industry average. Therefore, all Avalon ships deliver highly desirable features and services, inspired designs and the most innovative technologies, under which the MERUS Technology.

Currently, eleven Avalon vessels are equipped with MERUS rings. The newest vessel of the Avalon fleet, the Avalon Passion, was recently equipped with the MERUS technology and more will follow. The rings were installed on the complete freshwater system of the vessel, i.e. at the hydrophor, the boilers and the kitchen feed lines. The Avalon Passion will cruise along the remarkable Rhine.

The MERUS Technology slows down corrosion, scaling and microbiological problems in fresh and seawater lines. Applying the MERUS rings in a vessel can save a lot of costs, such as maintenance and cleaning costs.