Pronomar will once again take part at the Europort, one of the world’s leading maritime events, which will take place from 5 -9 November 2013 in Ahoy Rotterdam. We are pleased to share our stand with our partners Top Trock and Merus.

Top Trock, who is the manufacturer of the efficient drying systems for protective work wear such as survival suits, diving suits, coveralls, boots and gloves. The drying systems are all made from high quality stainless steel and play a vital role in providing a healthy and efficient work environment. The crew of a great number of offshore vessels (e.g. jack-up installation vessels, windfarm accommodation vessels, diving support vessels, etc.), rigs, platforms, navies, coast guards, training centres, refineries and chemical plants are the living proof of the excellent drying results the systems provide.

Merus, who holds the key to the innovative and environment-friendly solution to your problems with scaling, rust and bio-fouling in your fresh- and seawater lines and applications: the Merus technology.

Green Route
This year is extra special for Pronomar in a way that we have been recognized for our environment-friendly products and services by an independent jury from the Platform Clean Shipping initiative. Pronomar was found to be worthy of the ‘Green Route’ status with the Merus technology as a green water treatment, where less energy and chemicals are needed to maintain a safe level of operations for water lines and applications. The second product in our range, the Top Trock drying systems, help to reduce carbon emissions by drying efficiently in a short time with a great volume of circulated air rather than with heat, as in conventional drying rooms or cabinets.

This acknowledgement is shown on the floor plan and on the ‘Green Route participant’ plate that we may display at our stand (no. 2303). Please come to our stand to learn more about our products which can improve your crews comfort, prolong the lifespan of your costly work wear, pipes and applications and finally, lower your operational costs.

We look forward to seeing you at our stand 2303 at the Europort 2013!