Pronomar are happy about our cooperation with GloMar, Ship management, located in Den Helder. GloMar decided on both of Pronomar’s by now well established products, the drying systems for all kinds of work wear, such as jackets, trousers, boots, shoes, gloves etc. but also the MERUS rings, a highly innovative, environment-friendly solution for green water treatment.

Both the drying systems as well as the MERUS rings were installed on-board the new multipurpose offshore supply vessel “TNB”, built for GloMar and a state-of-the-art standby rescue/oil recovery and survey vessel, travelling under Panamese flag.

Drying systems to cater for the crew’s work wear, survival suits, jackets, trousers as well as boot, gloves and even head gear, such as hoods, caps were installed. With the stainless steel Pronomar-TopTrock drying systems making sure the costly work wear is dried and properly maintained on a daily basis the crew can concentrate on their strenuous work out at sea which adds to an even higher motivation and comfort.