Pronomar is pleased about a new order from Holland Shipyards, our long term and valued business partner. Only recently Holland Shipyards asked us to supply the efficient stainless steel Top Trock drying systems for their vessel DP Gezina, a support and transport vessel to offshore wind farm installations. Now it is for Gezinas sister vessel, the DP Galyna. Same as on board the Gezina, also the DP Galyna will feature drying systems for up to 30 work overalls, survival suits, jackets, trousers as well as boots or gloves. To counteract rocky conditions out at sea, our drying systems will come with extra welding to provide even more stability.

The drying systems dry from the inside out (at all neuralgic zones, such as arm pits, shoulders and back) by means of a big amount of warm air coming from a powerful (yet low in energy consumption) blower. The drying systems prolong the lifetime of the costly work outfits which in consequence decreases purchasing costs. In terms of the crew on board the dryers increase their wellbeing and health as it goes without saying that you are less likely to fall sick if you work in dry clothes rather than damp ones.

We are really happy about this new order from Holland Shipyards as to us it is prove of the quality we provide and we look forward to continuing on this path.