Back in 2009, Pronomar was pleased to install the biggest ring to date, a 24” High Industrial Capacity ring, at the main seawater pipe on-board the dredger MV Waterway, from Royal Boskalis Westminster NV.

The main seawater pipe is the most important water feed line on board, it provides drinking water, jet water but also water to cool the engine. Thus it is crucial that it is always up to the highest standard in terms of performance. To ensure exactly that, the 24” MERUS rings was installed with the purpose to get rid off and prevent heavy scaling and, particularly on board the MV Waterway, dredging along the African Atlantic cost, maritime growth, such as barnacles etc.

A year has passed since the ring has been installed and about a month ago the Jet inlet was opened to check for results and Pronomar are happy to have learned that the pipe was almost clean and that there were almost no barnacles left in the pipe and further that the few remaining ones could easily be removed, which on an untreated pipe usually takes a lot of effort.

The next step for Boskalis is now to observe how long the MERUS ring will keep the pipe clean but it can, with confidence, be said that the risk of a blocked pipe has been minimized a lot and that also the expensive cleaning does not have to be carried out as often as before.

It goes without saying that Pronomar are very happy about these results and feels even more confident that they are supplying an excellent solution to counter-act scaling and marine growth.