Pronomar are very happy to have received a pleasant email from Lars Voss of Hapag Lloyd (who they re-established contact with following previous installations in the past) following the installation of the state-of-the-art MERUS ring technology on board their container vessel “Tokyo Express”.

Since the initial installation of a 4” HCI bio ring at the evaporator / FWG Fresh Water Generator and the last cleaning of it, 8 months have passed and Hapag Lloyd have now come back to Pronomar to report the results of the MERUS technology: the condition of the evaporator was very good and it looked almost new, all plates were clean and there was no residues on the surface of the evaporator and the condenser.
Also during the testing period, which started in September of last year, the crew did not have to carry out any cleaning, flushing or any kind of maintenance. Another vital factor is that no additional chemicals had to be used, which is of big importance in terms of eco-friendliness.
Last but not least the produced fresh water amount was consistently more than 25 qm each and every day.

The chief engineers and all engine staff confirmed the test was successful and a decision was made to purchase the MERUS ring for the Alfal Laval FWG Fresh Water Generator.

Pronomar are very happy to get such a favourable feedback and see such excellent results which only further proves the efficiency and high quality of the MERUS technology.