After supplying Wiking Helicopter, based in Wilhemshaven/Germany and specialising in flights in the North and Baltic Sea, with drying systems for their pilots helictoper suits 2 years ago, we were now happy about an extension order we received.

Now even more helicopter suits can be dried efficiently from the inside and outside in a short period of time. The drying systems make sure that the costly gear is always maintained to the highest possible level; this is done by hanging the suits over the form-fitting stainless steel hangers that have nozzles in them and thus directing the drying air automatically to the neuralgic zones, such as shoulders, armpits, back etc.

With the drying systems making sure that the expensive pilot suits are properly dried at all times the gears lifetime is prolonged considerably which in turn means a saving in purchasing costs. Apart from the economic side it is also a motivational factor for the crew if they always work in dry and well maintained gear, which in turn leads also to fewer sick leaves and a very positive work environment.

We are especially happy about this extension order as it proves to us the customer satisfaction and the high standard our Pronomar-Top Trock drying systems stand for.