We at Pronomar pride ourselves not only on the top quality of our products but also on the excellent service we provide to our customers. This of course goes hand in hand with our partners, for example our long term business partner, the company Top Trock, the manufacturer of the highly efficient, state-of-the-art stainless steel drying systems.

Top Trock has for ages supported us and as a consequence you, our valued customers, with detailed layout drawings of the respective drying rooms. Now we are happy to inform you that this already excellent service has been lifted to a higher degree as we can now provide you with drawings of your individual drying room in 3D!!

This means that even before you actually fit the drying systems into your room, may it be on board or onshore, you can already see what that room will look like. This is a superb extra service which we are sure will make it even easier to imagine your individual drying room!

If you would like to avail of that service then do not hesitate, all we need from you is a basic layout of the proposed room to fit the drying systems. Your drying room in 3D is only one email away! We look forward to receiving it!